I’m pondering something else now. Something which Michael Seibel talks briefly about in the podcast episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcQesV17WN4

With Justin Kan. They speak about how the Venture Capital game is rigged towards software companies. Building a material product will be a much harder process than building a software product.

I’ve only recently come across Justin Kan’s work but I think he’s a really entertaining teacher and can help anyone understand a more rounded picture of the start-up world. He’s another video from him.

75 million dollars down the pan. That’s what Justin Kan talks about in a raw video which outlines the lessons he learned by shutting down his legal-tech start-up atrium. This video is raw and documents some of the painful aspects of starting a tech company.

Something I learned today. I just came across another start-up working on exactly the same problem as another company I’ve been helping. These guys have no idea that the other exists. I couldn’t even find competitors prior to this. It just goes to show. You can almost assume every time that there is someone somewhere with the same mission as you. Don’t hold back.

Something I learned yesterday. Interviewing companies isn’t particularly difficult, but it equally requires a fair amount of preparation. things to fear- dead end questions,

Some technology I’m loving at the moment: audio and video transcription software. Examples including sonix and vocalmatic. It’s amazing how accurate and how much time these two technology can save. I was so pleased to come across them so easily.

I was also reminded how much I love evernote today for note- taking. Their note scanning technology makes saving notes so much easier! I’m looking forward to saving up for an Evernote Moleskine notebook so I can search for words inside scanned pages more easily.

What I’m listening to:



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